Here, you get some tips for a successful application.

This is what your application should at least include:

  • Personal cover letter,
  • curriculum vitae in table form,
  • School leaving certificate or in applications for apprenticeships perhaps the last half-year report card,
  • professional certificate,
  • internship credentials, certificates, and other references.

When applying, it is imperative for you to consider the following information:

  • Make sure your application does not contain any errors and is flawless.
  • Use a reputable e-mail address when applying by e-mail.
  • If you mail a written application, make sure that the sender address in the cover letter and on the stationary is well legible.
  • Write the identification number of the ad in the subject line of your application and include the position for which you would like to apply.
  • In den Betreff bei einer Bewerbung schreiben Sie die Kennziffer der Anzeige und die von Ihnen angestrebte Position.
  • Do not send too much. Additional documents can be submitted later.