JAHN Human Resources GmbH

About us

Since 2010, the JAHN HR has been an established company in Berlin and Brandenburg with its headquarters at Spandau in Berlin.

In secondment, personnel placement and personnel recruitment, we offer qualified medical personnel and comprehensive training seminars and continuing education in the medical field.

Our company

Our company has approximately 130 employees. In addition, a number of medical teaching staff supports us in the implementation of our qualified educational and continuing educational activities. It allows us to cover an extraordinary broad spectrum of topics with regard to continuing education and training.

Of course, we continuously transfer our expertise within our team. Our internal and external personnel receive monthly subject-specific training to ensure consistently high quality of our service.

We train!

Since 2011, we are part of the circle of companies recognized by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce to be able to offer apprenticeships in personnel placement. Currently, we have several apprentices in our company who undergo this training and who contribute daily their ideas and apply the learned subjects actively in their daily work.

We promote volunteer work

Personal commitment is for quite a number of employees not only a matter of profession but also a matter of honour. For years, many people in our company have committed their professional medical qualifications outside working hours to volunteer work in the German healthcare system. This includes work in helping the homeless, rescue services at disaster relief agencies, as volunteer fire fighters and at international organization in the healthcare and aid sector. Of course, we support and promote these activities and we are happy that our employees gain professional expertise and practical experience while benefiting the public.