JAHN HR – Your partner in education

Need-oriented medical advance training and continuing education

JAHN HR is your competent partner for everything concerning need-oriented medical advance training and continuing education covering all medical professions. We plan, design and organize advance training and continuing education concepts for physician offices and health institutions, which are based on the individual requirements of the local team.

  • Specific practice-oriented seminars, e.g. in orthopaedics

    We offer among others specific practice-oriented seminars in radiology:Our lecturers provide advance training in the latest developments in the field of projection radiography or mammographic imaging techniques. In addition, MRI and CT introductory courses are part of our service portfolio.

  • Disaster prevention, first aid, communication and legalese for physicians

    An additional focus is our comprehensive VBG-certified first aid courses. Our profile is supplemented by courses on disaster prevention and by a broad offer of seminars in the field of nursing professions, such as algorithms in nursing or practical seminars covering the care of patients with dementia.

    In addition, communication training or courses covering legal topics relevant for healthcare facilities such as, liability law in hospital settings are part of our service portfolio.

  • Diverse internal employee training seminars

    UWe offer our own employees to participate every month in a professional training seminar that is free of charge — of course, these seminars are also open to other interested professional groups to participate.

For our current seminar program click here. Do not hesitate to contact us if you desire advance training and continuing education beyond our current spectrum.

• You can reach us at any time under 030 – 24 64 24 18.